Chicken and sausage tajine

Plate with tajine


  • 4-6 mixed whole sausages
  • 4-6 raw whole chicken backs
  • Salt, pepper, dried herbs, ground cayenne pepper, curcuma, Worcestershire sauce and/or another of your choice
  • 3 t. s. olive or avocado oil
  • Raw chopped vegetables: Red or white onions, potatoes (small or large) (medium to small cubes), leeks, peppers (red/green/yellow), carrots (small slices), mushrooms, Brussels sprouts and any other vegetables you like (green beans, corn kernels, butternut squash, hot pepper, parsnips, sweet potatoes, etc.)
  • Note: Make sure you don't have too many pieces larger than a cubic inch (especially for potatoes, carrots, and similar vegetables that take longer to cook), as they might be undercooked compared to other vegetables.


  1. In the bottom of the tajine, put 3 t.s. of oil
  2. Put a layer of leeks, onions and mushrooms
  3. Put another layer of another vegetable
  4. Place the chicken backs
  5. Add a layer of leeks and onions
  6. Add cayenne pepper, curcuma and herbs
  7. Add the sausages
  8. Spread a good layer of other vegetables, filling in the spaces between the sausages
  9. Every second layer, add: salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, curcuma and herbs
  10. Continue adding rows of vegetables until it is full
  11. Add Worcestershire sauce (or another) to taste
  12. Tip! It is best not to add broth especially if you have a lot of vegetables! Unless you cook at a lower setting for a longer time, then you will need to check regularly.


Place the covered tajine in the oven (bottom rack), set the temperature to 350°F and cook for 1h15 - 1h30.

After 1h15, take out the tajine to check if the broth is sizzling: if so, it's ready, place the hot tajine on a heat resistant pad on the counter and turn off the oven. If not, let it cook another 15 minutes.

After it's cooled a couple of minutes, using a couple of wooden spoons, stir everything and (optionally) cut the chicken and sausages into pieces and serve (or even better, place the tajine on the table to allow your guests to see your beautiful tajine!). Enjoy!


And you must ESPECIALLY never place the tajine on a stovetop burner/element or on a BBQ grill!